FemTech Friday Round Up

8/27/19- I’ve decided to continue to update this page with all of my #FemTechFriday posts beyond the first 7 months as a resource. Enjoy!


Can you believe it’s been 7 months since I started #FemTechFriday!? Each week I introduce a new FemTech product to my Instagram followers with the goals of:

  • Educating women and their partners about new technology and services that could serve their healthcare needs and goals

  • Shining a light on the emerging industry of FemTech and the diversity of products on the market

  • Sharing discount codes when I can find them to lower the barrier to entry to try products

  • Opening conversation and reduce stigma around women’s health topics

  • Connecting with FemTech entrepreneurs, women’s health specialists (OB-GYN, REI, etc.), public health professionals, women in tech, and others who all have a role in learning about and building an ecosystem to support women’s health!

In honor of the last seven months, and as an intro to anyone new to FemTech I’ve rounded up every #FemTechFriday post I’ve written between January - July 2019. Enjoy!


The Freeze

Ava Women

Lia Pregnancy Test


Modern Fertility

ClearBlue Connected Ovulation Test System

Lactation/ Breastfeeding/ Pumping:


Willow Pump

Nest Collaborative telemedicine lactation support


Medical Diagnostics/ Devices:

Pocket Colposcope

Menopause/ Pelvic Floor Training


Elvie Trainer

Periods/ Birth Control:


Natural Cycles

Aavia Smart Birth Control case

Cora organic feminine products

LoonCup (Smart Menstrual cup)

Planned Parenthood Direct App


The Bump App

Bloomlife (Info)

Bloomlife (User review)


Sexual Health and Wellness:


Telemedicine/ Home Diagnostics:

Scanwell UTI tests

Trak Male Fertility Test

Other commentary/ state of the industry FemTech Friday posts:

FemTech 101 Lecture I gave at Duke University Medical System

Femtastic Podcast conversation with host Katie Breen about what FemTech is all about

Insights on opening up conversations around FemTech and women’s health

My personal fertility FemTech journey