First Trimester Favorites

Greetings from the early second trimester! I’m writing this post at 17 weeks and am now starting to feel like myself again enough to reflect upon the first trimester. Most women experience exhaustion, nausea, bloating, hunger, food aversions, and other pleasant things during the early weeks of pregnancy. I thought I’d pay it forward with a few of my favorite things that helped me to survive.

Up and Up Prenatal Multivitamin Gummies

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Prenatal vitamins are essential for healthy fetal development.

I tried quite a few pre-pregnancy and once I was pregnant and these are the only ones that didn’t make me feel sick to my stomach. I usually take them after dinner since they are a little sweet as a “dessert” and it hasn’t upset my stomach yet. They run around $7.99 at my Target so they won’t break the bank either!

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These little hard candy-type drops were a total lifesaver for me in both of my pregnancies.

I don’t know what magical ingredients are in them other than vitamin B6, but at times where I started to feel nauseas or was in a meeting and knew I couldn’t leave for a snack in the next 15-20 minutes, these really saved me. I kept them in my desk, my purse, my cup holders in my car, and in the bathroom at home.

I’ve found them at Target and Amazon.

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One of the best ways to combat morning sickness when you wake up is to eat a small, bland snack before you get out of bed. I kept sleeves of Saltines on the night stand and did this every morning for weeks. I also realized that I would feel off and a little salt would help me out.

I’d also pack Saltines in my purse for when I started to feel lightheaded or queazy or would top them with a little peanut butter or sliced cheddar cheese for a little more staying power on my stomach.

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Dressing during the first trimester is tricky. I didn’t want people to know I was pregnant until I was ready to share the news so I wanted to be discrete about my emerging bump. The first few months you also aren’t really big enough for maternity clothes yet but your normal pants and attire may just feel a little tight or uncomfortable.

Enter THIS DRESS (at posting it is on sale for $44.99) I bought it in March and have worn it to parties, out to dinner, and to work (about once a week!) It’s such a versatile LBD and the look can totally change based upon heels or flip flops and what kind of jewelry you pair with it. Highly suggest this even for non-pregnant ladies who want a comfy summer staple!

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 8.06.18 PM.png

I’m telling you, swing dresses are where it’s at for the first/ early second trimester. It’s one thing to put on! I bought this dress right before my husband and I went on vacation in Florida and it made me feel so cute. I have this teal pattern but there are 12 different colors/ design options. The best thing is that it is $19 and Old Navy often has additional discounts. I have a hard time spending a lot on maternity clothes when it’s such a short season in life and this time around I am going to be on completely opposite seasons so I won’t use my old things much.

Speaking of…when I was pregnant with my first baby I had the long sleeve version in 3 colors and that plus leggings, knee high boots, and a scarf was my pregnancy uniform.

Hope this is helpful to some expecting ladies out there and look out for more blog posts in the future! I am planning one on fertility journey favorites as well as second and third trimester!